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I am not one that shops at Kohl's that often, just because it is not located in a place I go frequently.  I do know one thing though, whenever I do head in that direction, I always have to go to the register to see what books and stuffed animals they have for their Kohl's Cares Program. 
Are you familiar with Kohl's Cares?  I learned of it a few years ago and I love the program because of what sales do - 100 % of the net profits go to kids health and education initiatives nationwide.  Another (selfish) reason I love it?
It is a great way to stock up on your kids library and makes reading more fun with stuffed animals that go along with the books!!!! 

I am not sure, but I believe they change out the selection of books and stuffed animals every month, or at least every few months.  The great thing is that the books are hardback (meaning keepers) and they come with sweet and cuddly stuffed animals that go along with the story.  Each book or stuffed animal is only $5 each.  We all know how expensive toys and books can be, so this is a great money saver. Not only are you making a gift to your child by adding to their library and love of reading, because it is part of the Kohl's Cares program, you are giving even more since the profit helps others!!! 

In " and then it's spring" we meet a little boy and his dog. They are tired of the cold winter and are ready for spring.  They plant seeds and hope for spring to hurry up and get here.. waiting, waiting, waiting.  Join them as they wait for spring and you can see the changes that take place as the new season arrives. 
In, "A Sick Day for Amos McGee" we have a friendly old man that goes to the zoo daily to spend time with each of the animals.  One day he is sick and can not go.  His animal friends all miss him, so they decide since he always goes to take care of them, they should do the same.  They all leave the zoo to go and take care of their sick friend.  It was a cute book that we enjoyed and the soft elephant makes for a great snuggle buddy when you are reading a night time story!   

Broxton and I had a chance to check these books out, but they are now in Savannah's room awaiting her arrival.  I though they were cute and can not wait to read them to her!  If you visit the Kohl's website, they show a couple other books  and toys. I am not sure if that is from the previous campaign, or if they are the new ones headed our way, but you better believe I will be making a point to check into it to see. 

Have you purchased books and toys from Kohl's Cares before? 


  1. Kohl's Cares is such a great program. I purchased some books and stuffed animals when it was the Disney theme. I am liking this elephant! :)

  2. I have just learned about the Kohl's Care Program. I have yet to purchase anything, however, now that I know, I will check it out :)

  3. This is such a great program!! I had no idea that this even existed, but it's awesome. This makes a really good gift too

  4. I have not but like this program. Usually when I purchase from Kohl's, is is online so I haven't really seen these

  5. There was Skippy Jon Jones series their before. I got a book. I wanted the characters, but they were always out of them. My boys still love that series.

  6. I love shopping at kohl's and I love that they are so supportive of such good causes. This book looks adorable!


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