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Normally at this time of the summer, we are planning our vacation to Biloxi.  Nothing like the beautiful weather and great time at the Beau Rivage.  Well, this year, we had  a surprise, when we found out that our little girl would be coming... So the trip was cancelled.  I have been looking back at all the photos from last year and man, I hate that we will miss it...
I did want to share with you a little, so maybe you can plan a side trip for a few days to enjoy!

A view of the Beau at night from their parking deck.
We normally go to Biloxi and spend a few days there. The staff is always so nice.  They have plenty of dining options, a kids arcade and a great pool.  (That is besides the casino.  They also have a spa and other amenities, but having a child with us on the trip, we normally only visit the arcade and dining options. Yes, I check out the casino at times, but its more a family vacation than a casino trip.) 
If you are not familiar with the Beau Rivage, they have several dining options.  We normally always check out the buffet, as it is great and if you can't fill up on things you love, well, you must not like food!  We also go to the café and eat at least once or twice.  Normally our tradition is breakfast down there.  Of course, we head to the Roasted Bean!  Nothing like fresh beignets and coffee to get you going.  This last time we went (last summer) we had to go and check out Scoops. 
It is their little Ice Cream Parlor (right outside the arcade) and it was oh- so - good!
The face of a happy kid enjoying his Ice Cream from Scoops! 
Each year, the Beau Rivage has new show come for a couple weeks.  This year, they have a show called YAYE.  I am not sure what it is, but we have never been disappointed in a show yet, so I would recommend it.  Also, don't forget that Biloxi has a local baseball team there now.  They are right across the street from the Beau Rivage and the view (from Instagram) looks pretty amazing!
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If you decide to go, make sure you send me some Beau Rivage baby items!    :)
Seriously, tell me if you have been or if you plan to go soon!


  1. I will definitely hit the ice cream parlor looks supeeer yum :)


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