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Boo's Beard is a great book to try and explain to children that everyone is different, but all want to be loved and included.  This book is perfect for children to somewhat start to try and explain autism a bit and to show that there are children out there like them. Maybe they have never met a child on the autism spectrum, or maybe they are on the spectrum and want to know they are not alone. Either way, this is a great book. 
Tom is a little boy that has a hard time understanding facial expressions.  He enjoys going to the park with his dog, Boo, but wishes he was included in playing with the other children.   One day, a little girl comes over to see his dog and starts making facial expressions with the dogs beard. After that, she invites Tom (and Boo) to come and play with them sometime.  I love the little girl in there, it shows how sweet children really can be!!!! 
This would be great for your personal library to show that there are all types of children out there.  It would also be a great gift for your local library!!! 


  1. We need more books like this now a days. Kids need to know were all a little different it's what makes the world interesting.

  2. That does sound like a great book. I have a friend that we don't see that often - her son has autism. Because we don't see them often it's important to remind my kids that it's ok that every kid is different. My cousin's son is preschool age, and he's being tested for it right now. He has all the signs of being on the spectrum.


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