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Can you believe Christmas is almost here?  I know it is the same time each year, but I guess the days seem long and the nights seem LONGER ---  Hello, 4 month old baby!!!   Either way, it seems like the time keeps flying and now we are getting ready for a house full of family and great memories to be made!   With that comes gifts... and if you are lost as to what to give someone, I have a great suggestion!  
I was recently introduced to Hugg-A-Planet and I am in love.  Let't be honest, with the world today (the news makes me sad every time I turn it on or log onto the internet)  we can all use more hugs and love.  Right?  Click on over HERE to read about them from the company standpoint.  I want to tell you about them from MY view.  Hugg-A-Planet carries soft plush like toys.  Educational and fun all at once. You can purchase Earth (also available in Spanish!), Mars, the Moon, the constellations and even America!   
I was hoping to be able to review Earth (I thought it would be cute to take Savannah's picture with it each year... You know, "The World is in YOUR hands, make the most of it!"   That is the plan!!!!  Well, I was actually sent their bundle that includes Mars, Earth and the moon!

Hugg-A-Planet ISS Bundle, Pocket Earth, Moon, and Mars 3 Piece Set

Product Details:This 3 piece Hugg-A-Planet ISS Bundle set includes the same Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth, Hugg-A-Moon and Hugg-A-Mars globes as on the International Space Station (ISS). Delivered by the Japanese Launch vehicle HTV/H-IIB. The Hugg-A-Planet set arrived at the ISS on Sept 18, 2009 and are scheduled to remain there untill 2020 or longer. The 3 piece set aboard the International Space Station has traveled over 700 million miles orbiting Earth, and the identical set available here includes all of the following. One of the award winning Pocket 12" Hugg-A-Planet® Earth. Same artwork as our Classic with over 600 places labeled this Hugg-A-Planet also includes a 6" deep Velcro pocket. One of our super detailed 9" Hugg-A-Mars. The most detailed globe of Mars available. Visit The "Red Planet" with over 400 places labeled, this Hugg-A-Mars is proportional to the Classic and Pocket Earths. Now the red planet is yours to hug, hold, to hurl, hang, study or learn. The shell of this soft, stuffed, Globe of Mars shows large craters, small craters, winding valleys, and other landforms. And one of the very detailed 3" Hugg-A-Moons, featuring over 100 lunar labels, there are craters, lunar landing sites, and other locations from our Moon. This beautiful Hugg-A-Moon is made in proportion to our Hugg-A-Planet Classic and Pocket versions. Save big by purchasing some of our favorite Hugg-A-Planets together. Perfect for classrooms, play rooms, bedrooms or nurseries these beautiful, simple reference globes are meant to inspire space exploration, peace, and geo-learning.

3 Piece Bundle Set includes

1 Pocket Hugg-A-Planet Earth

1 Hugg-A-Mars

1 Hugg-A-Moon

The awesome thing about this?  The Earth has a pocket built into it!  I can totally see kids using this one of two ways.  They will use it as a hiding spot to hide their treasures, or they will take notes about the planets and then place the notes in their pocket to keep it all together.
With each of the products from Hugg-A-Planet, you are getting more than just the globe.  On the actual product is TONS of information for you to explore and learn.  This opens up the door for more research and appears to be a great learning tool!

Tell me that besides being educational, this is not just an awesome photo prop?

He was very excited to check out the moon!

Once we finished with Earth an the moon, he had to check out all that was on Mars!  

As you can see by the photo's, there is so much detailed information that goes into each product from Hugg-A-Planet!  I will be honest, there is much to learn and explore (especially on Mars and the moon)  This will be great for us to look at and then google to do more research!  Talk about really being HANDS ON!!!!!  We had a great time looking at it, but then we wrapped it up to give to Savannah for Christmas.  Come on, she is young enough that she won't remember seeing it beforehand.  (At least I hope!)  I am excited to explore the world with both of them and I see this being around for a long time!!!  
Head on over to see what all products they have that might interest you!  Remember, the world is full of adventures and exploration!!! Hug it tight, it is the only one we have!!!!
Had to leave you with this one...  It is almost as big as she is!!! Super cute!!!!  


  1. That looks fun! I love that you can throw this globe around. You are right the earth ball is about as big as Savannah.


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