Do you send Holiday Cards?

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Are you a fan of holiday cards?  I am a fan of "snail mail" in general and during the holidays, I get so excited every time I go to the mailbox.  I can't say that the rest of the year, since it seems like no one likes to send written letters and all that is in the box is bills or junk mail.  Christmas though, yep...  Every time I see a card, I get all giddy... I love the photo cards, as it is so cute to see the photos that were chosen for the cards. 
Growing up, I remember my parents would get so many cards, I loved the thought of the older I got the number of family photo cards that I would receive.  Seems as though facebook and text messaging is killing my dreams man!    Now, more and more people just post a "Merry Christmas" post on facebook and call it a day.  Yes, I do that too, if I am online and think about it... but the cards seem so much more personal and let the individual person know that they were thought of.
I love the cards so much that once I was on my own, I sent mine out (like around 300...  I was so excited to be an "Adult")  and when I started receiving some addressed to me, I taped them up on the door frame for all to see.  One year I taped them on the door, trying to resemble a tree.  Now that we have a house, I have this little ribbon with decorated clothes pins that hold them up.  I told you, I LOVE THEM!!!!  Of course, if they have pictures, they get saved for the end of time, in a scrapbook type binder, if they have sweet notes, they are put in a box,  If it is just the signature, I try to find a way to recycle and use them for something else the following year.  I never sent photo cards, until I was married. Then, we went with a family photo from our wedding.  Eventually it was the card with Broxton and Santa and then each year I add a photo of whatever a key event that year was.  (or just an updated family photo.)  The number of cards has since DRASTICALLY been reduced, but the joy I have in sending and receiving is still there.  

Here is an outtake of the photo session where we tried to get a cute picture for this years card.  

This year- you KNOW we had to do a photo card.  Hello!!!  We finally have a baby girl among all these boys!!!   I had to find the perfect card, it is hard getting "family" photos with the boys not living close and everyone being so busy. (Who knew a 6 year old could have such a busy social life too?!) Thanks to Zazzle, we ended up going with a collage photo so that way we could get the brothers in there and not be just the youngest two.  (Side note, they have great gift ideas as well!  Was able to get a great keepsake for me and an ornament for Savannah's first Christmas too!) 
Someone commented that people are fake on facebook, always posting the positive and never the days of screaming and crying.  Well, I don't think that it is because someone is fake, it is just that we are trying to remember the good.  Or maybe there is so much negativity already, why add more?  Add sunshine and smiles.  Either way, we had a time trying to get a good shot for the cards this year.  At first she was enjoying it, but it was hard to get a photo with her moving so much... then it turned into a meltdown and we called it a day!   Just had to share one of the pictures not chosen to be on the card!

As the year comes to an end, take a minute to think about those near and dear to you. If you send Holiday Cards, awesome!  If not, why not think about making Happy New Years cards and send them out to get the new year off great?  I know I can not be the only on that loves looking at the cards through the years and seeing how big the kids have grown.  Again, I know we have facebook and can snap a photo and text it immediately, but think of the excitement when they go and open their mail box, seeing that you took a minute out of your day to send a card to let them know they were thought of?!  

If I am not online to say it, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS!   


  1. I was thinking we need a photo to send out too, but it's kinda late. Wont be adding anymore stress.
    But cards are nice. I'll be sending out cards.

  2. Where's the final collage? I want to see them all. I love the photo of Savannah to! So cute - even if she's crying.


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