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Do you travel during the holidays?  Do you travel throughout the year?  I know when my mom goes on a road trip, she has to have blankets and pillows and everything else under the sun. THAT STUFF ADDS UP for storage space, you know?  Well, there is a solution that we were recently introduced to and I think you guys need to know about it.  
It is PillowCape and it is a travel pillow with a blanket too.  If you are not cold, you can turn it into a cape and have a blast playing with it too! As I said, PillowCape is a nice sturdy travel pillow but... they went even further and added a strip of Velcro to each end.  This makes it perfect to keep the blanket in place, if you are looking to catch a few zzz's... but it makes it turn into an AMAZING cape for the Super Hero in us all!!!!
PillowCape in the packaging, perfect for gift giving.   
Let your inner Super hero SHINE!!!
As you can see, he is fake sleeping. This kid never sleeps!!!   Well, he tells you that he never sleeps, but he has been known to catch a few winks from time to time.. at night.  NEVER DURING THE DAY - Napping is his biggest enemy!   
As you can tell, we had no time for naps, we had to try out the cape aspect of it.  Time to go running around!!!  I tried to get another picture of it, but he was lighting fast and it was all just a blur.  

We really enjoyed the PillowCape.  They offer them in small and large.  I would recommend a small for toddlers or those that are rather small.  He is 6 and a half... DO NOT FORGET THE HALF!!! (He is a big 6 year old) and the small was a bit too short for his liking.  While the large is a bit too big, he would be able to cover up more on road trips, so that is what we will be using.   The PillowCape also let you choose the color combo you want.  You can do red/blue or black/grey.  As you can see, red/blue looked like more fun, so that was the color combo we went with!  (A certain someone will be getting a more neutral black/grey combo for Christmas!)

Do you travel with a pillow or anything when you go on adventures?


  1. That's so cute. I could see this as a future gift for my nephew Emerson. He loves Word Girl, and other super heroes.


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