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Are you a "gamer" or a "geek" or a "nerd?"  If you are, you are going to want to check out Loot Crate.  I know Christmas is almost here and for some people that means they are just now getting ready to start shopping.  Others have been finished for months, but there are some still looking for that one AWESOME gift.  Look no further if you have someone on your list that fits one of the words I first mentioned.  
We had the chance to review Loot Crate and this is a subscription box that many will enjoy!
Don't let the plain black box fool you.  You are getting ready to be blown away by what all is inside.
If you purchase just one month, with shipping and everything you are looking at right under $20.  I was surprised by all that was inside: 
The Loot Crate we received was for November, it was a COMBAT theme.  (PERFECT for a 6 year old boy that has older brothers and a military daddy!)  Inside was a little of this and a little of that.
We received a magazine telling what all was inside.  A comic book.  (I think this is the first actual "comic book" that Broxton has ever seen, yet I grew up with them. Realized I am slacking in that department.  Will be changing that soon!)  A set of magnets (he was excited as they are learning about magnets at school right now) a figurine, a bobble head and a pair of sunglasses.  
They also offer LEVEL UP (cool apparel)  
If you get the Level Up Bundle, you can see that you will be getting great clothing!  
From shirts to socks, bags to jewelry...
There is the element of surprise as to what will be included!  

So, with Christmas basically here... you can surprise the gamer loved one on your list with a subscription.   Maybe you receive money for Christmas, why not gift YOURSELF a subscription?  Of course there is the "just because" gift or birthday or rewards for a job well done. What I am saying is this...   If you give this gift, I know you will put a smile on someones face!   (I am NOT a gamer, geek or nerd... that I know of  and I was super impressed with this.)  They have Call of Duty Limited Edition Boxes as well as Star Wars, I KNOW we all know someone that likes one of those!  
Head on over to check them out now!  You can thank me later! 


  1. That does look like fun! Our boys like games, but we limit their play.

  2. Star Wars and Minecraft are our big boys favorites right now. This would be a perfect crate for them.


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