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With Christmas almost here, I have two final Christmas books for you.  (I tell you, every single time I walk in a store, I am tempted to buy even more... we love books!)  These are two that I know will be a hit for years to come. One is for the younger crowd for sure, but will be enjoyed by all ages.  The other is one for every single age you can imagine, aren't we all kids at heart?  
Up first is a cute and fun one... The Runaway Santa . We loved it as much as we loved The Runaway Pumpkin that we reviewed for Halloween.  In this book, Santa has so much to do and half of the fun of reading it is to see where Mrs. Claus is hiding on each page.  I wish there was a way to capture the excitement on Broxton's face as we turn each page to see the next journey!  

The final Christmas book to share with you..  The Night Before Christmas - A Brick Story .  For sure this is one for kids of all ages.  It is the Night Before Christmas story,,, with the illustrations made completely of Lego sets.  So cute and so fun!   (It made me want to run out and buy one of the lego advent calendars so I could try and recreate some of the scenes for our house!!!!) 
I know when I surprise a certain fan with this book for the Night Before Christmas Reading he is going to flip!!!!   

Do you read books the night before Christmas too?  Do you do the book countdown or anything like that as far as traditions being made for each year?  


  1. We just have books laying around. The kids read them when they want to. The big thing for them this year was a puzzle book that they have.


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