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Now that school is back in for us, people are in to more of routine.  We are still celebrating.  It is the little things, right?  First day of school was a success?  Why not have a frozen drink after school to celebrate?  First week was great?  Let's have pizza night to end the week on a good note!  
You can go big or go small, but things you want to keep in mind.... FUN FUN FUN!!!

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We were recently invited to Medieval Times in Atlanta for a blogger event. If you follow me on Instagram you saw some of the pictures from that night. It was great, but I wanted to post this now, to remind you that although summer break has ended for many, that doesn't mean that you can't treat the family to a fun night out.  (I love the picture above, it was the arena before the show started.  Purple and Gold for my LSU loving little boy!)  

As I mentioned, we were there for a special event, so we got to do a little of the behind the scenes. We were able to go backstage and see where they keep the horses.  Broxton got to meet a few of the knights.  He was even able to participate in a Junior Knights Training!   After that, we were ready for the show to start!   
One thing to always remember.  You don't order from a menu.  You don't get unlimited refills and you don't get silverware.  Yes, you read that right... No silverware!   As you are seated, this is your setup. You have your crown for the knight you are cheering for. You have a flag to wave in support of your night.  You also have your plate and your mug.  (They offer you like 3 different drink choices.)  The show starts and you could care less about the food, it is a great show.  They bring out each course while the show is going on and you eat when you want too.  The food is great and it is a neat experience to chow down on that big piece of chicken (think they called it a dragon) while you are watching the show in front of you.  

I was very surprised that Savannah did as well as she did.  I mean, she wasn't even one yet, but she was mesmerized by it all.  The show was great and she seemed to enjoy it as well, even if it did mean missing bed time!   
Another of Broxton's favorite parts?  When the show is over, you get to meet the knights, the bad guy, the princess and the king!!!!  This photo is the bad guy... and OUR KNIGHT... THE ONE THAT WON!!!!   YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Medieval Times is located in the Mall for the Atlanta location.  Don't worry, the outside is made to look like a castle, so you get the whole experience. I love that when the show is over and you are headed to your car, you still get to see it all lit up in the excitement of the night!!!

Make sure to plan a trip to Medieval Times soon! You can even do a date night if you want to go and leave the kids at home!   While date night is fun, I think the kids have too much fun not to include them!  Why not plan a dinner and a show soon to celebrate school being back in???  We will be back soon, it is always fun and exciting for us!  


  1. That does look neat! We don't have a place like that here. I'd love to go there. I'm having a family party only for Mica this year. It's a knight theme. :)

  2. Medieval Times wow this sounds like fun! I figured the best part would be no silverware, but no, meeting the knights and folks. I love the idea of frozen drinks and pizza to celebrate first day and first week of school!!

  3. We've been to the Myrtle Beach castle once and it was so much fun! We'd love to go back soon.

  4. I have been there before. It was a blast. We went to the one in Orlando. Love your pics, Noelle!


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