Do you let your kids pick out their own clothes? Mary Had a Little Glam #RaisingAReader

Want to know something that makes my heart happy?  When I am reading to Savannah and Broxton comes in to sit and listen too.  He doesn't look at it as a "girl / boy" book or "baby / big kid" book.  He looks at it as mama is taking time to spend reading and normally the books are cute and funny, no matter what the target age is meant to be.  

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I was sitting in the living room reading Mary had a little glam to Savannah when Broxton came in.  He listened to the last page and then asked me to start over and read it again because he missed the whole book.  After I read it to him, he decided to read it to himself and I just love seeing a book in his hands.  I also love when I catch him sitting there reading to Savannah.  I am telling you, I love books and really hope they do too!  

Mary had a little Glam introduces us to Mary.  A very STYLISH girl that doesn't worry what others think.  She has her style and she is all about it.  This book is by Tammi Sauer.  This name grabbed be and I realized that I had read books by her before, so that was a great thing.  I really love this book, as it shows the mom letting the little girl pick her own clothes and highlight her own style.  Do you let your kids do that, or do you pick and choose for them?  (Broxton has decided he is an athletic shorts / tshirt kid these days...  I was going to stress other options, but I want him to come into his own being without me forcing what I want in every situation.)

Yes, this book is about Mary owning her glam, but it did not stop Broxton from reading it. Hey, Mary was even able to get all the kids into being glamorous... The teacher and principal too!  They do have one slight hiccup that day at school, but I am sure Mary can work it all out. Just how does she do it?  Read the book and see!!!   This book is perfect for those that have their own style. Don't let any one hold them back!  Let them be who they are meant to be!  (Here is to hoping Savannah does her own thing... within reason!)    


  1. Mary had a little jam, she spread it on a waffle. And if she hadn't eaten ten, she wouldn't feel so awful. ;)

    I remember that from a book that turned nursery rhymes into something new. That's what this title reminded me of. The book looks cute. And to answer your question, yep, I let my kids dress themselves when they were little. :)

  2. I do. Then they have to change if their clothes look crazy. Sometimes they even wear Halloween costumes. Mica's funny because he makes fun of Isaak for wearing a Halloween costume, but turns around and puts one on himself. Such a goof!


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