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I have reviewed Loot Crate subscription boxes before and they really do keep on amazing me with the quality of products.  Not only are the boxes they send out awesome for gamers and "geeks" of all ages, I have been really impressed with their dedication to the customers!  
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In May they sent out their POWER Loot Crate box.  (I still get all excited seeing the design they come up with when you flip the box inside out upon arrival.)  This box was once again full of cool items.  Not too long after the box arrived, I received an email saying not to use one of the items and to wait for further instructions...  Keep reading.  

The power box for Loot Crate - May.  
Hulk Q Fig
Exclusive War Craft Tshirt
Dragon Ball Z Keychain (I wouldn't use it as a keychain as it is a bit large.,.. but totally could see it being used as a Bag Tag or Zipper Pull.  That is what it will be used for here!)
Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt
Loot Pin
They say that each month will always include a tshirt.  I think that is so cool, as that is one of the best things about these boxes to me.  I have noticed that they have been having different figures inside them as well.  Broxton gets excited about them, so I am always learning more about new things with him these days!  

So, remember me mentioning the email about not using a product and waiting for further information?  Seems that they recalled the oven mitt after reports of people being burned when using them.  The next email they sent out was a link for you to claim the replacement.  I love that they immediately sent out an email saying to hold up on using it and to wait for further information.  In my opinion they handled this the best way possible and I am thankful for their commitment to those that subscribe to their boxes.  

I am still singing their praises, as I have yet to be disappointed.  With back to school going on, why not subscribe (they have several different loot crate options to choose from) and send along to a  student you know and love that has headed off to college.  "Snail Mail" is so few and far these days, it would be a nice welcome surprise to receive!  


  1. So many really cool things! And I love how immediate they were with sending out the warning - that shows they are caring and a together act!

  2. Hey, that's a nice box. That is awesome that they reached out to tell box owners not to use the mitt for the oven. Truthfully, it's hard to find a mitt that works well in the oven. I'd buy a loot crate.

  3. I bet Broxton gets so excited to get this box in the mail. How fun!


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