We went to our first #Endurocross event

This past weekend we were able to go to an event we have never been to.  Let's just throw it out there, we had never even heard of it either.  It was ENDUROCROSS and it kicked off the racing season in Duluth, Georgia.  Well, from what I read online it was the kickoff, so don't quote me on that one!   

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I will tell you this..  It was crazy!  
We got there early, since I did not know how Atlanta traffic was going to be.  When we walked in, the had a bunch of the drivers out there sitting at a table signing autographs for the fans. I loved that, but we didn't get in line for that, we had to go get ready for the event.  
The thing started and I looked over at a friend that we had invited to go with us.  It was a bit boring. If you have been to motorcross / supercross before, it was soooooooooooooo much slower.  I was about ready to call it a night, until the rider got stuck on the big log.  They worked and worked to get over it.  At that point, it made a little more sense to me.  It is "Enduro" cross, because it is a test of endurance.
I still wish I knew the rules (like why not just get off the bike and put it on the other side of that big log?)  but it was fun.  My picture on my post stinks, I am used to using my good camera and they weren't allowed, so phone pics it is!
The track consisted of this huge log they had to jump (a couple logs actually) there was a rock garden (I think I heard it referred to as that) a puddle of nasty mud water and even a pit full of wood like you would throw in your fireplace.
The rock garden was the most exciting to me.  They were getting stuck, falling over their bikes and more.  Again, I wish I knew the rules, one time a rider was there for just a few seconds and an official came over and helped them get going again, another time a rider was there for a good while, I think they got like 2 laps down, and no one ever helped.
I will say this... It was AMAZING watching them all keep going on and never giving up.  That was my take on it all.  When they knew good and well they weren't going to win, they finished what they started and for me that was a great message for all to see!
Look up Endurocross.  If they are coming near you, try to go and see them. You will enjoy it. 

Also, if you are in / near Duluth. Make sure to see what events are headed to the Infinite Energy Center.  It is a nice place and I need to try and watch their calendar more often!  


  1. I like events like this. They can be loud, but they are so much fun.


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