Dress it up with Monsoon Children at Phipps Plaza #Atlanta

Having a little girl, it is fun dressing her up, especially when it is an AMAZING dress from the Monsoon Children Line. It is funny, as I am NOT a "girly girl" I thought for sure I would just dress her in shorts / jeans and t-shirts like I wear.  That was until she was born and I saw just how adorable she looks whenever I put an outfit on her.  Yes, she wears sweat pants and tank tops, t-shirts and jeans. Hey, she even just wears shirts sometimes and we call it a day.

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THIS is the dress I picked out for Savannah from Monsoon Children

I love how they pay attention to so much detail.  Even the buttons have a design and the store name on them.  Knock on wood, none of the detail has fallen off yet.  

So yeah, I forgot to mention, they even have hair clips that match the dress. Come on now, look at them.  Swans, corgi's and even crowns!  LOVE!!!

I didn't want to just do any pictures for this dress.  It had to be special.  This dress is just something else. It really is beautiful and super soft.  

We decided to go to a classic car showing to see if I could get her in front of a car for the picture.  I found THE PERFECT car that I wanted to use for the background.  

I figured a classic car for a classic photo!!!

Not only were we lucky enough to get to have the car in the background, the owner was so nice and let Savannah get IN the car for photos.  He even got a few photos on his phone of her and said "look, she is helping me sell my car!"  She was just too cute and the dress was just fantastic.  It wasn't too hot, or too cool for her to wear.  The length was great and the style was awesome.

The store is really nice and has a great selection.  Broxton spotted a nice dress suit he wanted.  They seem to have sales with really great deals too!  I love that you can find great outfits for your children and they have matching accessories.  They sell everything from the shoes  to the hair bows and everything in between.  

I was tempted to get this hat for Savannah, but right now she isn't a fan of anything on her head or her feet.  Isn't it so cute though?
Do you dress up for the holidays?  If so, this would be a great place to go check out.  Also, keep this in mind if you know anyone getting married.  I would say grab a gift card to give to a loved one, but you will have so much fun shopping in there, you won't want to get a gift card, you will want to buy the store!
For those in the Atlanta area, Monsoon Children is located in Phipps Plaza. 


  1. Ahh so precious! I sew and am impressed at the quality! I love the hat, too. I just got finished making a girl's hat and matching heart pocketbook. Yikes, it never occurred to me they might not want to wear a hat.

  2. Oh my goodness that dress is so cute on her! I love it. I bet with dresses it's easier to change diapers too.


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