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I am always about making memories with my children and I can add another to our list of adventures. Disney on Ice skated into Atlanta for a show and I was lucky enough to be able to plan a mother / daughter day with her to go while Broxton was in school. It gets better though.... I was able to have MY MOM there too, so it was three generations of girls seeing all the Disney characters we know and love, plus new to me ones as well!
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 Disney's latest "On Ice" show has all of the princes with their beautiful princesses.  The show pretty much focuses on Riley and her team playing in the championship game, (Inside Out, if you need a refresher on what movie that is.)We also got a treat from great movies like Toy Story, Finding Dory and of course Mickey, Minnie and the gang were there, too!
While I do think that girls would love this more,  since there are so many princesses in Disney movies, I saw many boys there and they were enjoying it as well.  I am not sure what school district it was, but some kids were super lucky to be on a field trip to see the show that day too!  I did like that they didn't just have the princesses come out, but they had the males with them for each movie.  

I was wondering how Savannah was going to do watching this show, but I think she did fantastic. Keep in mind she is just over 1 year old, so for her to sit still the whole time was nothing I planned for. I thought we would watch part and then head out.  The show was around 40-45 minutes,a brief intermission, then another 40-45 minutes.  She did great and while we left early, it was when the last scene was going on and we were just beating the rush to the bathroom before we headed back home. 

Savannah doesn't know many of the Disney movies, yet...
She will be introduced to them, so don't worry.  She does know who Mickey and Minnie are and she loves her some Minnie Mouse!  I wish they would have been out more, but it was great they did include them as much as they did! 

I absolutely love The Little Mermaid, so of course I was loving seeing them in the show.  The fact that they did a bit more was just a bonus treat for this fan right here!  (I will admit, I totally love watching when they do all this "dancing on air" as I like to call it!) 

We have not seen Finding Dory, but do plan to.  Broxton's favorite movie was Finding Nemo, so I can't wait to see what we have this time around!  They had several characters from Finding Dory in the show, so I love how current this production is. 

All good things must come to an end, but the show must go on!  The finale had all of the characters from the show out for one final number.  Make sure to look and see if / when Disney On Ice  is headed your way! 


  1. This would be a wonderful school trip, we didn't have too many trips as kids, but I remember them all really well. It would be fun to see Disney on Ice especially with kids!

  2. I'd like to go to an ice skating show! My boys have never been to one. In fact I don't think I've ever been either.

  3. I love the Little Mermaid too. And Savannah has good taste, I love me some Minne (and Mickey, of course) as well. :)


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