Give the treat of @communitycoffee this #Halloween!

Community Coffee brings friends together, so I thought it would be great to incorporate them into Halloween this year!  When we lived in our apartment, NO ONE did the whole trick or treating, so we luckily found a great neighborhood to go to.  When we moved into our house, we were so excited to be in an actual neighborhood, but again, quickly found out that no one does anything here either. I think we have maybe 3 houses that do it, but that is few and far between.  We still go to the original neighborhood that we started out at and we love it.  
They go all out. Every single house is decorated.  They make it like a huge party, the people giving out the candy dress up.  Last year, they had one house that was Scooby Doo themed. Fred had been called to work, Scooby, Velma and Daphne were walking around and ol' Shaggy was at the house giving out treats.  Kids could get candy, adults could grab a drink. Another house had Hot Cider because it was a cooler night than normal.  That made me think about how much I love Community Coffee.  
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If it were a cold night...  (Which I am thinking it isn't going to be, since it says it is supposed to be in the 80's)  Wouldn't it be awesome to have your Keurig out on the porch, ready to give a nice cup of Coffee to the adults out walking with the kids?  Obviously it would be there for you to watch as you handed out candy and it would be fun for the awesome neighborhoods that go all out for the night???

Right now, Community Coffee has their Seasonal Flavors available:
Pumpkin Praline and Southern Bread Pudding.

I honestly don't think we have found a Community Coffee that we don't like and I love having the K-Cups available to grab when I am in the mood for a nice cup!!! I am not one that needs a cup of coffee (or more) per day.  That is more of a style for my parents, but like I said... I will not turn it down from time to time.  The colder it gets, that is my thing.  Meaning?  Come December - I am all about the coffee!!!!  (Hint, Hint, Hint!)  
Until it gets colder, I have a new (to me) favorite from Community Coffee. Iced Coffee!!!
Yes, right now, it is cool in the morning, HOT during the day and then occasionally cooler again in the evenings.  That means, I would love to drink Iced Coffee during the day and don't you worry... I am enjoying my other K-Cups in the morning once I take Broxton to school.  

Our school had a Fall Festival the other night.  They had a silent auction for a couple gift baskets and you know what one theme was???  Coffee Lover!  Did you know that I bid on it?  (I lost, but I sure did try!)  

Like I said, this would be great to have on hand if you have a fun Halloween neighborhood.  This would also make a great treat for anyone that you know.  Hey, you don't have to share if you don't want to. I am not here to judge, as I sure enough did not share mine!!!!


  1. My husband loves this coffee. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but he LOVES it!!


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