Lava Lamps, for Halloween and all year!

It's Halloween!
It's Halloween!!!
I know some people do parties over the weekend, some do get togethers on Halloween Night. Others still have gatherings before and after going trick or treating.  I know some adults that have parties on Halloween night just to give candy out to the kids.  Whatever your plan on doing, remember an easy, affordable and super cute decoration (that doesn't have to be put up just because Halloween is over) is a really cool Lava Lamp!  Did you know that they have so many different designs to choose from these days???
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Okay, so they do make a Halloween Lava Lamp, but you don't have to buy it, unless you are like some of my friends that LOVE anything and everything Halloween. Then, go for it... but keep the other ones in mind as well! 
I do like the Halloween Lava Lamp, but since I take so long to put up and take down Christmas decorations, I don't want any other holiday that has me needing to decorate.  I hate it, because I know my kids would love it, but I am just not one to go all out for each holiday.  Yeah, they got shafted in that department. Isn't it awesome though?

  • Yellow wax / purple liquid / spider web grosted globe pattern / black base & cap
  • Spider with sound-activated chip is programmed to make a creepy witch cackle
  • Red LED “eyes” light up when the sound goes off
  • Spider chip hangs off of the lamp base
  • Spider has on/off switch on back
  • Provides spooky, soft light
  • Aluminum base
  • 25 watt light bulb included
  • Plugs into a power outlet
I wanted the Chalkboard Lava Lamp to give to one of the older boys. I thought that the chalkboard would be awesome to remind things. "TEST FRIDAY.  WORK AT 4 ."  As soon as Broxton and Savannah saw it, that idea went out the window. They love it and we actually are rocking the lava lamp in our kitchen these days!!!  

  • White wax / green liquid / chalkboard finish on base & cap
  • Provides relaxing, soft light
  • Aluminum base
  • 25 watt light bulb included
  • 1 piece of white chalk included
  • Erase chalk with a dry cloth
  • Plugs into a power outlet

As I said, they have a great selection to choose from.  Great for all price ranges.
Why not add one or two under the tree at Christmas too?

The new lamps include (photo shown from left to right):
·         Glitter Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Chalkboard Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Glittermax™ Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Frosted Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Halloween Lava® Lamp – 14.5” ($19.99)
·         Double Play™ Lava® Lamp – 18.5” ($59.99)
·         17” Lava® Lamps – Rainbow Glitter, Rainbow and Travel Deco ($24.99)
·         Fireplace Lamp – 14.5” ($24.99)
·         Sandcastle Lamp – 14.5” ($24.99)
·         LED Lava® Lamp – 10” ($9.99)
·         Mini Volcano Lava® Lamp – 10” ($14.99)

If you aren't into the Lava Lamps, they also now offer cool string lights!
 Lava® Lamp unveils battery-operated LED pull and string lights, perfect for parties, dorm rooms, lockers and more! No wall power sourced needed, light can be added to any space with the pull lights or color changing string lights, which are available in seven fun motifs – stars, hearts, bows, flip flops, popsicles, flamingos and the Lava® Lamp iconic shape.

For more information and/or to purchase, visit lava lite.

Did you have a Lava Lamp when you were younger?


  1. These are cool, both for Halloween and just any time! My favorite is the LED Lava Lamp! The colors remind me of the Northern Lights!

  2. I actually thought about getting one for my boys. Then I thought maybe it would be a good idea for my sister to get them one. They have a gold sparkly one for Isaak, and Mica would like any other color. I mentioned it to my sister and she said, "Maybe I could get them pink himalayan salt lamp." For me maybe, but for them???? They want something fun, not medically good for you.

  3. My son has one. Now my daughter wants one too! :)


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