Baby Magic celebrates 65 years!

I know that I love the smell of a new baby.  That sweet scent of baby lotion is in a category of its own. I think they just bottle up lots of coos', love, memories and laughter when they make the "baby smell." Baby Magic has been around for what seems like ages and they really surprised me when they sent me a couple of their products. Why?  Well, because one was a NO RINSE wash and it was completely new to me!  

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Baby Magic is actually celebrating their 65th birthday.  Maybe that isn't forever, but to a child it is!  (I remember when I thought 40 was ancient, now I am creeping up to it and realize I was badly mistaken!)
Baby Magic has the shampoo/ body wash, lotion and now the NO RINSE wash.  
I love how it foams up in my hand.  It is great to have in your diaper bag when you are out and about and might need to freshen up a little one, but don't have the time or the resources to go get a quick bath. Let's be honest.   What is able to be quickly done when a baby is born???

The Baby Magic No Rinse Wash is a must have for all parents!   I actually keep it one in the kitchen.  After Savannah has a snack, I clean her up and then use the No-Rinse to just make sure it is all off of her. It doesn't hurt that it leaves her smelling so nice!  
I love two in one products. Again, who has time for extra steps with a baby?  Wash their body and hair with one product and move on to the bedtime routine!   

I just love when she is fresh out of the tub and I get that time to put lotion on her. I massage it on her, we play games and laugh. It is fun and the lavender and chamomile smells so nice and relaxing!   

These products would make great gifts to put in a gift basket for a new mom or a mom to be.  The Baby Magic line is affordable and great to see sitting in the nursery ready to be used on your little ones!


  1. I like the 2-in-1 products too. And you're right, Baby Magic does smell so good!

  2. Oh yea, I used to use them! They are good!

  3. I loved the way this stuff smelled on my babies that aren't babies anymore. It's probably better on the kid that there's no scent at all, but it smells so good!


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