AntiHero theme for #lootcrate, awesome products again!

I tell you what, LootCrate really sets the bar high for other Subscription boxes to compete with on amount and quality.  Each month, I think they can't be outdone and then BOOM - DROP THE MIC, they outdo themselves with the next box.  The theme I am sharing this time around?  Anti-Hero.
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You know how much I love that Lootcrate  has a shirt in each box. This one had a shirt from Archer.  Now, I have never seen Archer, but I hear several of my friends talking about it.  That is on my "must watch an episode" list.  Have you ever seen it?  I guess this shirt is something you would understand if you watched the show.  

I also love when they have figures in there and although I know nothing ABOUT Harley Quinn, I love the character, so I was excited to get this!!!  Hellboy has a funky hand and that makes for an awesome bank. Although Broxton knows NOTHING about Hellboy, he thought the bank was the coolest thing and thinks that he will be getting it for Christmas.  Mama isn't so sure about that one!

Each LootCrate comes with a LootCrate magazine that not only has a description of each of the products, it also has a couple articles that makes for fun reads.  I am all about "funky socks" so when I saw the Kill Bill socks, I immediately thought "classic" as I remember when this movie was all the rage!  
Don't forget that every LootCrate comes with a super cool collectible Loot pin. Broxton loves to look at all of them and I love that we found a way to collect and display them all at once.  I love the colors on this one!   

Finally, as with each LootCrate... Remember you can turn it inside out to make it show the design. This one had directions in it to make it stand out from the rest... As my dad would say, it is the "mack daddy" LootCrate!  

If you are trying to figure out a birthday gift - - - or an amazing Christmas gift, make sure you give them a month or two, or twelve of LootCrate!  They will love you for it! 


  1. This does look like fun! Sometimes I think Mica's a big nerd, but then I see what's in the Loot Crate, and I don't know what some of the stuff is. Ha! Maybe he'd know.

  2. Ha, my second oldest would probably love the Kill Bill socks. That's a fun subscription box.

  3. I wonder what I could get the husband.
    I've heard good things about the loot crate.


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