Emojiez make me smile too!

Emojiez are sweeping the nation as the next thing.  Well, they have been for a bit now and it does not seem like it is slowing down anytime soon. Broxton has been talking about them and is drawn to them whenever he sees them in the store. Actually spotted a few kids dressed like them for Halloween at different fall festivals as well!  Are they big where you live?  
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No lie, we went in a store the other day and they had all sorts of the Poop emojiez products. THEY EVEN HAD SUCKERS. Now, I draw the line at that one. Needless to say, when I was given the chance to review some of the new emojiez products, I was excited ... for Broxton.  I knew he would love them and as soon as we opened the package, he and Savannah both had smiles on their face.  

We were sent one of the Plushiez and I had planned to give it to Broxton. That was until Savannah saw it and went to give it a hug. Since it is just a ball with little legs, she didn't have a body to grab onto and that right there was so funny!!!!   I was cracking up and wishing I would have recorded that one to share!!!!

We were also sent stickers, little figures, erasures and more. Of course, as soon as Broxton opened one of the packages and saw he had the poop, it was over. He was laughing, I was groaning, he laughed harder, I groaned louder.  It was a real bonding moment!!!!

I sent the stickers in to his teacher to give to the students.  They flipped out when they saw them! To start it off, I asked if anyone knew what emojiez were. They all did and quickly started telling me their favorite.  I knew the stickers would be a hit and I was right. Luckily, the stickers come with 2 of each sticker in the pack, I was surprised by the number of them!   

Have you fallen victim to the cute emojiez yet?  I think they are cute and of course Broxton wants to try and collect all of them!  

Stay tuned, you will be hearing of them again soon on the blog!!!!


  1. They are cute. I liked seeing people dressed up like them on Halloween.

  2. My son would be in love instantly with these. That is funny that there isn't a body. Someone said the poo was really not supposed to be poo but I don't believe it. ;)

  3. I really need to begin to get jiggy with the emoji usage!


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