Broxton loved the Mario shirt in the past @Lootcrate

I am totally loving the whole "subscription box" shopping that is going on these days.  It makes things fun and interesting.  I have been so lucky to have been working with Loot Crate in hosting reviews of their amazing boxes.  Each month, I think they have got to let me down at some point, I mean just how AWESOME is a company that always goes above and beyond, more than they did the month before?  Well, Loot Crate has YET to disappoint and that says so much to me!

When opening your Loot Crate, this is what you first see.  You know you want to dive in and check it all out!!!!

FTC Compliant Review Policy:  
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When I finally had time to review this past Loot Crate, I set it all up to see what was inside.  I was in LOVE with the shirt.  I called Broxton in to check out the loot and I wish I had set up the camera to record his face.  Now, Mario was a game I played on my Nintendo back in the day with my dad.  I am honestly not sure if Broxton has ever played it... but he sorta freaked out when he saw the shirt! "MARIO!"  I love it!!!!  We were getting ready to head out to run errands, so of course he wanted to know if he could wear his new t-shirt, aka his "swag."  Yes, "swag" is a key word in the daily vocabulary of my 8 year old son.  

As you can see in the photo, you have Superman on the inside of the crate.  This month, as you turn your crate inside out, you transform it to be a COMIC BOOK HOLDER!!!!!   (I love this, as Broxon has decided out of nowhere that he loves comics and he wants to be a comic illustrator!) 
Included in the January : Origins LOOTCRATE:
The LOOTCRATE Magazine - This is a pretty cool one. 
Articles include: Superman through the ages, An interview with Rogue One : A Star Wars Story Writer and Who is Captain America's Biggest Inspiration.
Captain America Golden Age Shield  - Broxton loved this as he is a huge Captain America fan. This is a metal replica of the original shield. It comes with a stand and a certificate of authenticity.
Mario T-shirt -As stated, Broxton's favorite and has already been wearing it everywhere! 
TMNT Muglet - This is just too cool.  It is a mini - Tiki mug.  I think I will be adding it to my shotglass collection.  Either way, Broxton is NOT getting this one! 
Exclusive Action Comics #1 REPRINT - This is an authentic replica reprint.  We haven't looked at it yet, as Savannah set her sights on it and we don't want her messing it up!  

As I have said time and time again... Impressive!  Make sure you head over to the LOOTCRATE site to see what you want to get.  They have different crate options, I really think I want to check out the SMALL GIFT CRATE. You know, a throw back to my childhood!  SANRIO!!!!!   
Check out my Instagram page to see just how excited he was in that Mario Shirt!


  1. That is fun! I can see why he likes it. Mario Bros. is one of my favorite games.

  2. That Mario shirt is awesome. That alone would make the subscription box a huge hit in this house. :)


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