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Do you know of a teacher that really made a difference in someones life? Maybe you had a teacher that really made an impression on you as a child.  Maybe it is / was a teacher for your child(ren.)  The point is this... (Just my opinion, but hey, I can say what I want to on here, right?)  Anyways, I feel that teachers don't get the recognition they deserve.  They work long hours, they spend so much of their "free time" on each student and then don't even get me started on the pay...  Not paid enough, if you ask me.

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Zulily is taking nominations right now for people to enter their favorite teacher to win a classroom revamp! (Read more about it below.)  Lucky for us, I have an extra special teacher in our life.  Mrs. Chickvara was the "first person I ever left Broxton with" that wasn't family.  Yes, until he started K-3, I had never left him with anyone. Sure, he had done nursery at church a few times, but I was in the church and he was right down the hall from me.  When I left him in "school" for the day, I was no where near him for the day. She took care of him like he was her own.  She showed us she was super special.  Add to it that she was MORE THAN a teacher.  He invited her to his birthday party... SHE CAME!!!!  Maybe that isn't that big of a deal, but get this... He invited her to one of his baseball games.  Want to know who showed up, in the rain and sat in the dugout cheering him on? Yep!  Mrs. Chickvara! Might not be a big deal to you, but to a young child, it shows that she really did care, more than just teaching him during school, she cared about him OUTSIDE of the classroom!
Not only did she help grow a love of imagination, reading and education, she helped to plant the seeds of love for everything!  Broxton is 8 years old now and in 2nd grade.  His school has READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY where people come and read to the kids.  Do you know that although Broxton is no longer at the school Mrs. Chickvara teaches at, she has came the past two years and read to his class??  If you ask me, that is going well above and beyond any duties of "teaching."  As I said, she is someone who makes an impact, not just in the life of the student, but in the lives of the parents too! Bet you can't guess who I am nominating!

Calling All Parents: Nominate Your Favorite Teacher to Win a zulily Classroom Revamp
in Honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

WHO: zulily, an online retailer obsessed with bringing customers special finds every day – all at incredible prices.

WHAT: zulily is celebrating and recognizing the efforts of 50 of the country’s most beloved educators by awarding them $500 in zulily credit to help outfit their classrooms.

                      WHEN: Nominations accepted between  Monday, April 3 – Sunday, April 9
                      Celebration will run on zulily during National Teacher Appreciation                                            Week: Monday, May 8 – Friday, May 12, 2017

WHY: It’s important to give a child’s favorite teacher something extra special. With so much of children’s time being spent in the classroom, talented educators play an immeasurable role in shaping the great minds of America’s future. On top of investing time and patience, according to Money.com, teachers are spending $1.5 billion annually of their own money on school supplies with the average teacher spending $500. Great teachers who go above and beyond are remembered for a lifetime and zulily wants to thank them in a major way.

HOW: If a child’s teacher deserves special recognition, parents can nominate them on zulily by sharing stories of inspiration, kindness or coolness. It doesn’t matter what grade level or school, zulily wants to know why they are so special and deserve to be honored.


  1. So far I've liked every teacher that the boys have had, except for 1. The one I didn't like Mica had in 4th grade. She's no longer there. She grabbed a kid in Isaak's grade and told her, "If I were your parent I would spank you." She's not that little girl's parent. The little girl was a foster child who had just gotten adopted. I was glad that the teacher left. I wasn't too thrilled when she came back as a sub. I can't say enough good things about the others that they've had. They've all been so nice, helpful, and understanding.

  2. We take good care to recognize the kids' teachers when we can. They spend a LOT of time with our kids, and I do appreciate all they do.

  3. I wish I could do more for our teachers, but we are strapped. They do much, especially having so many different personalities in their classes each day.


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