Let @DreamlandBBQ make more family time #AintNothingLikeEmNowhere

Alright yall.  It is Spring Break here in our area, so that means FAMILY TIME. Next up after that we have Easter, so I thought this would be a perfect time to post about Dreamland BBQ.  Living in Atlanta, I have heard of Dreamland for years, but sadly I had never tried it out.  Recently, I was invited to try out their Family Meal plan and LET-ME-TELL-YOU.  I have been missing out on some good eating!   
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Up first - the Dreamland BBQ family to go menu.  Now, you might want to go and have dinner there, which is totally fine, but then again , you might want to stock up with their tasty food to have on hand over Spring Break.  You know, to keep YOU out of the kitchen cooking and allowing more time for family, especially over a great meal!  

I was impressed when we pulled up to the Roswell, Georgia location.  Just look at all that wood they have out there for cooking their meats!!!!  

As you saw in the above menu, you get to pick what side items you would like for your meal. I decided that we would go with ColeSlaw and Potato Salad.  The coleslaw was amazing and the guy I spoke with said he loved putting slaw on his sandwich.  Needless to say, Marc tried that and I do believe that was how he ate all of his sandwiches from then on!  

I will tell you now, I was tempted to order the chocolate dream, but after hearing that they are known for the banana pudding, I knew I needed to give it a go.  OH-MY-WORD.  That was the stuff dreams are made of. If I was told that was how they got the name Dreamland, I would totally believe it.  For real, that good.  Unfortunately, I told Marc about it... and Savannah... and ended up having to share.  I should have hid that in the back for a mommy time out treat!  (Mental note for future reference!)

I do hate that I didn't take more photos, but once I had it on the plate, it was all I could do to not dive in right now and say forget the photos for you guys!  Surprisingly, I have never really been a fan of BBQ, but this has me rethinking it. (Marc loves it, so I normally just go for the chicken!) That being the case, I thought I would be all about the chicken and not the pork, but I was constantly going to the pork when it was time for a meal!  I will tell you this, I thought the BBQ sauce had a bit of a kick to it.  I still enjoyed it, so it wasn't that much, but it is just enough to stand out and make you take notice.  I really liked that it was on the side, so I could add the right amount for me... and also have it to keep for other meals!  After being surprised with the flavor of the pork (and my choosing it over chicken)  I am eager to try the sausage next time!  Marc has already put in a request for the Rib Tips! 
While we really enjoyed the family meal, I do need to share one more thing.  I saw that they had fried okra on the menu, so we had to try that out too! If you follow me on Instagram, you saw I posted it. Like I said, it was a good 30 minutes from home, so the okra wasn't about to make it.  I opened it and they were flying in my mouth like they were scared to go for a ride.  Broxton decided he wanted a couple and next thing you know, half of the order was completely GONE!!!!   If you like friend okra, make sure you order it when you go.  There was just enough batter to make them perfect.  Not too much, but enough to enjoy the "fried" of it all. The okra inside was just right as well.  Not to mushy, nor too crunchy!  
As soon as we got home, we had to go ahead and make the food to give it a try.  I loved it all! The portion size was amazing and it gave us plenty for multiple meals. The closest Dreamland BBQ is a little over 30 minutes from us, but it is in an area that we go to from time to time.  I see that being a place that we order the family meal from when we are in that area.  If you are near a location, they do ship.  Make sure to check it out! 
Like I said, it is Spring Break here, so if you aren't going anywhere.. Make it a night in. If you are headed out of town, grab some to have a picnic on the beach! Don't forget you can order ahead and have it ready to enjoy on Easter too!  
*** They have location in Georgia and Alabama.  Look to see if they are near you


  1. I shouldn't have to witness this right now! I"m starving! Look at the yum fooooood!!!!
    I'd definitely stop by if I could.

    It's not break here as yet. We only get Easter break.

    Enjoy your time with the family.

  2. This does look great! Kansas City is known for their BBQ, so if you like it and you're ever out this way they have tons of places.

  3. I love when you find a place that rocks that's right near where you live. And Alissa is right too, I've been to her area and there are so many good places to eat! :)


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