Random Tuesday Thoughts

So, as I said earlier...
I am going to try to post more often...
And with that, here is my contribution to Random Tuesday Thoughts.
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To start with..
We went and had a great Thanksgiving with my moms side of the family.
It was nice, good food...
BUT, once we got home...
My brother and I realized that there was NO TURKEY there!
How crazy is that?
There was ham, but no Turkey on Thanksgiving?!
That is like kool-aid with no sugar...
Or a cheeseburger with no cheese...
Or onion rings with no onions...

Speaking of Onion rings with no onions..
No joke, my dads friends kid (this was A LONG time ago... )
We all went out to eat and he seriously ordered onion rings with no onion.
He was young, it was cute!

On to Tiger Woods...
I am glad he is okay.
At first I was wondering what happened..
Then, it was not a big deal.
But, now...
With all the secrecy, I am just a bit NOSY!
I wonder if we will really ever know what that is about.

Oh yeah...
Last for the day..
This is more of a rant here:
A few weeks ago, Target had 40 years of Sesame Street on DVD for sale at $9.99
of course, our Target was out of stock. So, I asked for a rain check. The guy quickly told me that it was not a sale price, that was the permanent price, so he could not give me a rain check. I told him that it WAS a SALE price and I wanted the rain check. He said he could not give it to me..
So, I left.
Needless to say, I went back ... It is now $19.99! I asked the "manager/ I can help you with whatever you need" guy if I could get it for the sale price.. ( I even explained my reasoning... )
His response? No, you have to pay $19.99

Other than that...
Hope you have a great day!


  1. That Target thing would make me so mad.

  2. I'm not a fan of turkey so as long as chicken or whatevah' meat is on the table.. I'm rolling:)
    Happy Tuesday!

    * my Random Tuesday Thoughts are up too:)


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