Cars2 Tour - Is It Headed Your Way?

I told you about the Cars 2 Tour heading to Atlanta...
Well, we went and although it was hotter than anything...
It was super fun!
(Mental note, next time... BRING WATER! LoL)
If you have a Cars fan...
You need to head on over HERE to see if they are coming your way!

State Farm and Disney Pixar have teamed up to let us all get up close and personal with the Cars2 Gang!!!!
Cars2 : Agents On a Mission Tour!
We went today and let me tell you.......
It is hard to miss!!!!
We pulled up and saw the huge 18 wheeler with the picture of the Cars on the side.
We parked and then we saw... THEM!!!!

We got to see Lightning McQueen:
We saw Mater:
We even met Finn McMissile, the newbie to the group!!!!

You get in line (and yes, there is a line... I mean, everyone wants to meet them! Not everyday that you can meet them without heading to Disney!)
At our location, you got a State Farm Pencil, a key-chain OR a magnet, and a little photo-card.
Then, you got to go and get your picture taken...
Bring your camera...
OR let them take the pictures for you...

They give you a little card, sort of like the photo pass when you go to Disney.
Then, you just upload and print them from home!!!
(You can also use that card to enter to win a new car!)

They also had a few other tents set up.
Those tents had different games, but at this point, Broxton was hot and thirsty...
As well as the rest of us, so we headed into the mall!!!!

Follow Disney Pixar Cars on Facebook and Twitter.
Hope you are able to make it to the Cars2 Tour!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember, it is all FREE to enjoy!!!!!

I was not paid for this post, although I was able to go and enjoy it without having to wait in the long line! :)


  1. Sounds like fun! My son was the right age to enjoy the first CARS movie. It's kind of sad that he's too old for this one. :(


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