Wordless Wednesday - Cars2 Tour

We went to the Cars2 Tour the other day...
You can read all about it (and see more pictures) in my earlier post, here.

I just wanted to share a few more with you...
Yes, I know that the hat has seen better days...
It is Marc's hat and Broxton felt the need to wear it.
I am not really sure why, but he had to grab it before we left the house!


  1. He is so cute even with his face covered.

  2. I bet he loved seeing the big Cars! nothing wrong with a fav hat!

  3. What a fun outing for a little boy. And the hat? Maybe he want to be like daddy.

  4. oh wow that is so neat! I'm sure he was like in heaven! Smart guy for bringing a hat...gotta keep away from the UV rays!

  5. He certainly is cute!

    Happy Weds, Noelle!

  6. How cute. : )
    My oldest son would have loved that.

  7. So cool! We've been to see Thomas, but never Car's! Looks like fun! You really can't tell his hat has seen better days on the net. ;)

  8. Very cute. It's hard to separate a boy from his cars, trains, and clearly hats!

  9. Oh how FUN! And I think it's cute he grabbed Mark's hat and had to wear it like a big boy! ;)

    WW: Dinosaur & Dragon Conga Drama

  10. This tour comes to our town on June 1st and we can't wait. My son is so excited to see this movie next month!

  11. How exciting! My son would have FLIPPED! He LOVES Cars!

  12. Oh my 3 year old son loves Cars and seeing your son with Mater is so cute. We have nothing like that here sadly but he loves the movies. Cute photos!


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