More Family Fun

I know I have been talking about all the Cars2 stuff...
Well, it is because Broxton LOVES the movie, Cars!

We went to the Disney Store after meeting the Cars...
We never bought anything, lol, I know...
But Broxton enjoyed looking at all the stuff!!!!

Aunt Jen and Baby Porter met up with us in there...
Broxton LOVES seeing Baby Porter!

We can have fun just looking!
But seriously, have you been to the Disney Store near you?
Wow, how fun!
You can color/ watch different Disney Movie Clips and more!


  1. I can imagine how fun it must be although we don't have any Disney Stores over here! Cute pics!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Noelle!

  2. We love the Disney Store also...Em likes to pick up the stuffed animals and has to hug them all. ;0)

  3. It was so much fun!! They've really added alot of neat new things to the store. And of course the company was always the best. Thanks Broxton for being a Super Leader through the tree hole. xoxo


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