Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting... and drinking HINT water to stay hydrated? Review

You KNOW you want to sing the song now...
We love it here, Broxton enjoys singing it!!!!!

I had the chance to try out the HINT beverage line before...
You can read my earlier post about it HERE.

Well, with the sequel to Kung Fu Panda coming out, HINT water has all sorts of fun in store for you!!!!
First of all, hurry on over and buy some of their delicious HINT water...
If you are not a fan of flavored water, remember...
THIS ONLY HAS A HINT of flavor...

As Marc says, it just has a hint of flavor...
Now, I had my brother taste it, he said he could not taste anything.
I tried to explain it was not a full blown flavored water, but rather a water with a HINT of flavor..
HELLO, can you read the name on the bottle?!
I also gave a bottle to my UPS guy, I mean, he did deliver it and all..
It was hot...
He had ice in the truck.
He agreed, it does have a small hint.
Nothing to overwhelming, but it was still there!

I like it, I like it alot!
Now, if buying the bottle with Po on it isn't enough to get you excited, head on over to the HINT website....
They have a giveaway going on right now where you can win tickets to Kung FU Panda 2.
Don't you want to see what Po and the gang have been up to?
Now, as you sit down to enjoy your nice bottle of HINT water, why not print out some of the fun printables for KUNG FU PANDA 2 that is on the HINT site?
They have coloring pages, connect the dots, masks, mazes and more!
Head on over to check it all out!!!!!

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