Barbie has hers, why can't I have mine?

My grandmother had this beautiful corner TV stand in her living room.
It was there for as long as I could remember...
When she moved into her apartment, she did not take it with her.
I asked my mom if I might be able to get that from her, as it was something that I would always remember her by.
Then, we got to thinking about it.
It was for the corner, I have our TV on the main wall and I would hate to think that I got this from her and would never have anywhere to put it.
So, I ended up not worrying about it and she sold it in an Estate Sale.
After that, I found out that she had it custom built all those years ago.
Granted, I would have loved to have had it, but as I said...
We have our TV on the main wall...
Top it all off, Marc REALLY wants to get a flat screen TV and I know that means mounting it on the wall, so a corner TV stand would really be useless then!

We have this basic TV stand that I bought umpteen years ago...
Hey, I even put it together myself, pretty proud accomplishment, if I do say so!!
Anyways, it gets the job done...
For now... but whenever Marc gets that flat screen that he is dreaming of...
I know that I will be looking at TV stands!

This looks like a great stand for me... and an awesome TV for Marc!
I like how it has open shelving for all you tech savvy people that have all sorts of gadgets.
We would not be using all of them, but I could totally put a picture frame or a funky piece of art
on the empty shelves!
It also has two drawers in the middle to hold a couple of our most watched DVDs!!!

If you are like us and have a decent sized DVD collection, the Oak TV Stands that Cymax has might be more your speed.
This particular one grabbed my eye:
It has shelving all around to allow for maximum storage!
It even says that it holds 112 DVD/Video Games!
I think that might work!
I think that this would work great to hold the Wii and the games, as well as more of our DVDs.

Can you tell that I really want a couple of these?
I think that the nice big one with the flat screen would be great in our living room...
and the black oak one would look awesome in a game room/play room for the kids!
(Don't have either now, but in my dreams we do! Come on... Barbie has her dream house.. Let me have mine! Ha ha ha!)

What about you?
What kind of TV stand do you have?
What dream room do you have?


  1. I love the stand that has tons of storage.

  2. I think my tv stands are all corner stands. I tend to like to shove my electronica into corners, I guess.

  3. I can't stand the one we have, it hardly holds anything and really isn't very nice looking.
    I really love the one you liked, it is beautiful. I hope if we ever get a chance to move that I can get one like that. =)
    Lorie Shewbridge
    (Blogger is still being a pain)


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