If you have to cover them up, why not try Kidssocks.com - Review

I have never been a fan of feet...
You can ask people that know me...
I can not stand them, please keep them away from me!
But, there is something about the feet of a baby.
I love them, the cute little toes...
The little feet that have yet to travel this crazy world...
You get where I am going.

Most of all, I love Broxton's feet!
Although he is not technically a "Baby" anymore...
He will always be MY BABY!

I always crack up when Broxton grabs a pair of my socks...
I used to wear the funky designed socks most of the time, so I still have some...
Broxton will come in and hand me a pair asking to wear them.
How can I say no?
I don't... He wears them and I laugh...

I was so happy to hear about kidssocks.com
They not only have cute and fun socks...
They also have plain white socks for when we are in shorts and tennis shoes...

Kidssocks has such a wide variety that they are sure to capture just what you are looking for!
If you are looking for cute socks for your little one, they have all sorts of designs, from socks that look like cowboy boots to socks that look like tennis shoes.
(Actually, Broxton had the tennis shoe ones when he was little... My cousin had a pair of socks on her little girl that looked like ballerina slippers, they were SO CUTE that I had to go and find the one for boys... Broxton's looked like converse!)

For Broxton to review, we picked a couple different ones...
Of course, we had to pick a pair of the graphics out!
They are all just too cute and it was so hard to narrow it down!
When they arrived, Broxton was so excited to wear them!!!
The ones he wanted to wear first were the ones with the bulldozer.
I have not figured out why, as I was sure he was going to want the dinosaur ones!
All I know is that they must be pretty comfortable...
He wore them around the house all night long and begged me to let him sleep in them!
We have really enjoyed them and Broxton loves getting his socks on!
The plain white socks that we got feel so soft that I wish they made them for adults!
They have plenty of cushioning in them and just feel so great putting them on Broxton...
No wonder he likes wearing them around the house now!!!!

Kidssocks.com actually has several pairs of socks in their clearance section right now...
So head on over and check them out!!!!
(They offer free shipping on orders over $30)

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. These are super cute! JDaniel would love the trains.


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