Broxton has a new snack - GoGo Squeez Review

We all know that this house is one that loves to eat and drink.
Luckily for us, Broxton loves a bit of everything.
Ha! The other day, we were at a BBQ and Broxton took it upon himself to try and eat all the cherry tomatoes that they had out.
Yeah, he almost succeeded...
But then it turned into others eating with him and everyone laughing...

Anyways, we were sent a new treat for Broxton to try out.
Go Go Squeez applesauce.
We were sent the apple apple and the apple strawberry.
Hard to decide which is liked more...
We also can not decide WHO likes it more!
I love it and Broxton can not seem to get enough.
He immediately wanted to try it when it first arrived.

The other day, I was packing a cooler to take to the pool.
We were only going to be gone for a little bit, but it is just too hot to not go with drinks!
Well, as I am packing the cooler with waters and juice..
Broxton throws in 2 GoGo Squeez!
He said he needed one and we needed to take one for "baby porter!"

Well, we ended up having too much fun and not needing snacks...
but you better believe it, when we got home...
Broxton had to make up for that!!!

Why I like it:
Good For You
squeezable, so not messy...
Tastes Great
not messy
Re-Sealable - (you know... just in case you do not get that last drop!)

Why Broxton likes it:
We just learned that they have several flavors:
Apple Apple, Apple Strawberry, Apple Banana, Apple Cinnamon and Apple Peach.
(Little does he know, we will be buying and trying them all out!)

I think he was looking making sure daddy wasn't trying to get any of his GoGo Squeez!
All gone!
Now, head on over and follow them on TWITTER and FACEBOOK...
You know you want to...


  1. JDaniel3 tries to sneak JDaniel4's food too.

  2. I have been tempted to try these but Grant is so picky about new stuff. But the way you eat it just might get him!


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