The Royal Wedding - DVD Review

Although I planned on waking up bright and early to watch THE ROYAL WEDDING...
When my alarm went off, my body told me that sleep was just a bit more important!
Yes, I did get up - EVENTUALLY- and watch the end...
But still.
I just figured I would catch a couple clips of it and be good to go...

I was so excited when I was offered the chance to review the DVD released from the BBC, you KNOW I jumped at it!
I am so glad that I did!

I loved the fact that they not only showed the wedding...
Which was absolutely beautiful, just in case you are one of the few that did not see it...
I also loved that they told who the different people were...
Nope, I did not know many of them...
To the point that when I was watching it live, I sent a text to a good friend of mine (Broxton's Uncle Stuart) that lives in England asking him who a few were!!!!
Had I been watching this, I would have known!
Also, I found it pretty neat when they were telling the history of the cars that they took to the Abbey, as well as the carriages that they left in!
When the trumpets were going off, I was happy that the DVD was telling me why!!!

I am glad that I got to see this version, as it was very informative...
Not to mention getting to watch the lovely wedding!
This is a must have for any of those that were totally caught up in the whole thing, as I know many that were!!!

The royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton was the event of a lifetime. BBCVideo is making available this beautiful, commemorative DVD of the event on sale on May 24th! This wonderful keepsake will capture all of the pomp and pageantry of the historic occasion like no other memento. The DVD will include the complete ceremony plus highlights from the official BBC pre- and post-wedding coverage. Also included is the special bonus program, “William and Kate: A Royal Engagement,” presenting the story of William and Kate’s relationship via interviews with colleagues, friends and family. Lovers of the crown will want to own this special, commemorative DVD of this most delightful of events, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

As if that wasn't enough for you...
They also include "The Royal Engagement" that you can also watch!
This includes video footage from their days in college...
You know, where it all began!

I am glad that we have this for our DVD library...
Broxton watched the end the morning it happened...
and watched again today!
This is a great piece of history that I am glad we have recorded for him to see when he gets older!

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  1. I'm not sure I'd buy it, but I'd enjoy renting this!

  2. This sounds like a great video to have in your home library.

  3. I am not much a fan of the Royals, so I wouldn't buy it, but I would definitely borrow it from the library or something. Thank you for the review! :]


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