Auto Cool - As Seen On TV - Review

I have to admit something to you...
I LOVE infomercials!
Good thing we are not rich, or we would own everything I see!
They all look like they are JUST THE ITEM that we HAVE TO HAVE.

Luckily for Marc, I do not order them...
But watch them? YES I DO!
Back when I worked in the sports bar, we would have the TV on in the morning before we opened, that meant INFOMERCIALS.
A friend and I would watch and talk about how we really needed this...
Oh, but then again, we really needed that...
On and on and on...

I knew that I saw some sort of air thing for the car...
You know, so that after it was parked all day, you could actually get in and not fall over from a heat stroke...
That thing!
Once I became a mom, I knew we would need to figure out what it was, I did not want Broxton suffering in the heat of a hot car seat!
Well, I looked and looked, but could not remember what it was called.
Then, I remembered, it was one of those As Seen On TV items that I was addicted to!
It is called Auto Cool!
I was lucky enough to have the chance to review it, but it did not work for us.
Now, let me clarify...
As it might work for you...

Marc went to install it.
As soon as the solar panel had sunlight on it, the fan IMMEDIATELY started going!!!
Marc was really impressed and proceeded to yell to let me know, "Yes... It works!"
Then, he tried putting it in the back window, as that was where I was most concerned...
Nope, not a go.
(Hint, next time, I should read the box... It clearly states, "not for tinted windows")
Well, we then moved it to the front window, as they are not as tinted...
But, when we went to roll the window up, it would not roll all the way.
Yes, they include this weather stripping stuff, but it still doesn't work right.
There was still a gap in between the window...
I think that it would be easy for people to break in your car with that, so I am saying it did not work for us...
And with the gap in the window, you could just leave your window slightly rolled down.
Know what I mean?

We are going to take it to see if it works on my moms car, as it might fit better with different windows, but with our SUV, it was a no go.
If you do order the Auto Cool, you get a cup caddy organizer, so that is something we can use!
It has a place to hold your phone, a pen and maybe paper too!
(It even has holes in the bottom to pull your phone charger through, if you are needing it to charge on your drive.)

Now, would I recommend the Auto Cool?
Personally, no... as I said, it did not work for us...

But that does not mean that the other items they have As Seen On TV are not worth purchasing.
We received the Auto Cool for review, but we have personally bought a few different things...
If you remember my post about The Topsy Turvy... We bought ours, but they sell them too!

Other items that they sell that we have bought in the past...
(No, not from them, as I just recently discovered them...)
My brother used ProActive, I use Heeltastic, we have snuggies and so much more!!!
Hey, I warned you that I love this stuff!!!!
Now, if I could just get that thing for your shower to clean your feet..
Talk about looking perfect!!!
Ha ha!

So, let me know...
Do you have one of these, or have you ever had one?

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. I am sorry that didn't work out too well. It is disappointing to spent time and money on products that aren't promising. I tried the tweezer from there and it didn't work well. :'[ Thank you for the reveiw! :]

  2. i reviewed this too in my grand am and it didnt work for me either


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