Angelina Ballerina - The Shining Star Trophy (Review)

With Broxton, we pretty much watch the same characters, but I am always up for trying something new...
If not, how would we ever branch out?
We were sent the new Angelina Ballerina Movie, so I was curious as to if he would actually sit and watch it...
I put the DVD on and he came to join me.

I have never seen Angelina before, but of course, I had heard of her...
I am not sure how all of her shows go, but the story in this movie was really cute.
I loved the message!!!!

The point of this movie is that there is a competition and they must each come up with a talent to showcase.
The winner wins "The Shining Star Trophy."
Right at the beginning, they all wanted to win...
I mean, who doesn't like winning?
But - then it is pointed out : It is NOT about winning, but it is about expressing yourself!!

What a great thing to share with kids that would be watching this!!!

Angelina seems like a great friend to have, as she is trying to help all of her friends find a talent to use for the show...
She is helping them so much that she forgets that she needs to come up with something herself!
I like that they show how thinking about things will help you come up with a solution!
She helps them figure out what they LIKE to do and then that narrows it to the talent that they are good at!!!
This movie also points out their are different dance styles!!!
(The kids will love dancing along with this!)

I thought it was cute, but it was a bit short...
For a "kids movie" it was only 55 minutes.
That was the perfect length for us though.

Now that we have watched it, I have given it to a friend of ours...
I just think that a little girl will love it so much more than Broxton.
Bottom line, if you have a little girl...
An Angelina fan or a dance fan...
Go ahead and order this DVD now...
They will love you for it!!!

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  1. JDaniel think she is a girl. He is right she is, but I think her show is cute.

  2. My girl loves Angelina. We own an older dvd that came with a tutu and slippers.


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