Weekend Take Me Back - Twenty One?!

Thanks for stopping back by!!!
I hope that my little weekend take me backs are letting you see more of who I am...
If you missed any, feel free to stop over at these links:
You can read how awesome my mom was for my Sweet 16 .
Learn about the day My brother was RAN OVER.
Oh, and the story of the Snake Whistle.

For today, I want to talk about my 21st birthday.
As I mentioned before, my mom is pretty stinkin awesome.
I did not realize or appreciate it at the time, so...
I guess part of these posts are to share with everyone just how cool she is!!!

When I was away at college, my mom always sent me mail.
You know, regular "snail mail," guess that is why I love it so much!

I was living in Atlanta.
I was turning 21.
My parents were taking my roommate and I to LAS VEGAS to ring in my 21st birthday.
Leading up to then...
I was working at Diggers, the sports bar that I started working at as soon as I moved to Atlanta.
Normally, I would work...
Go home, eat lunch and relax...
Then, back to work the night shift...

This particular day, I received like 10 cards in the mail...
It was the week of my birthday, not my actual birthday.
But, it was from people that I had not talked to in forever.
I thought it was nice, kinda weird, but really cool...
Then, the next day, one or two more..
Day later, a couple more..
The mail lady asked me what was going on, as I pulled up to check the mail while she was there..
I asked what she was talking about.
She walked to the truck and pulled out stacks and stacks of cards!!!!

I took all the cards and called my mom...
She had planned this for me.
Talk about a great way to remember my 21st!
(As if Vegas wasn't enough..)
Still, I went back to Diggers and went to the back booth.
I sat there and read card after card.
More and more..

Come to find out, my mom had contacted tons of people and asked them to send me a card...
She had given them the card and asked them to bring them back to her...
(So she could mail them)
It was cards from neighbors from my childhood.
Cards from old teachers.
EVEN teachers from my NURSERY SCHOOL, where I first started attending at 6 weeks old.
There were cards from friends and family.
I laughed..
I cried..

I tell you what..
My mom, she is pretty special!!!!
So, call or visit your mom, if you can.
Just to say I LOVE YOU and I AM THANKFUL for you.
If you can no longer do that, just think about them for a minute.
At the end of the day, I hope I turn out like my mom!

As for Vegas...
I went and had a blast...
Saw shows...
Lost Money...
But hey...
It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. That's awesome!!!

    I'm now following your blog! I don't know why I wasn't before, but I am now!


  2. Your mom sounds wonderful, Noelle.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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