W/W - Football Season @babyfans_inc

Football Season has OFFICIALLY started and you know what that means...
Cold Weather should be coming....
Football brings happy days here (just don't mention the UGA opening game... for this time, we will just talk about LSU, as that is Marc's team and they won... Yes, I am still a bulldog, but a sad puppy at this time...)

So, I know it is wordless/wordful wednesday...
I want to give you a sneak peek into something pretty neat:
We found this place yesterday and Broxton is so happy!
He is now the proud owner of an LSU toddler Jersey!!!!
Stay tuned...
Exciting things are headed your way!!!!!

Until then, check Broxton out!!!!
(He had to change in the parking lot to wear his team!)
and yes... He is still showing off his adorable boots!!!
Hey, it was raining here...
He HAD to wear them!!!!

***** This is not a sponsored post...
I think Broxton is adorable in his shirt and wanted to highlight that for my W/W post. *****


  1. The boots make the outfit. JDaniel wore red boots most of the summer.

  2. Yes, definitely adorable. And the boots are cute too.
    Thanks for linking up at Tots and Me

  3. Loving the green boots! Too cute!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    ~your newest follower


  4. Sooooo cute! Look at that handsome smile!

  5. He looks adorable in his jersey!

  6. He looks so cute, love the jersey, the boots and especially his adorable smile!



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