Will You Click?

I am all about helping a good cause...
With that being said...
I just received an email that will allow you to click to donate.
No, it doesn't cost you anything...
But - Your - Time.
Pretty Simple.
Stonyfield has teamed up with Breastcancer.org.
For every click you make, Stonyfield will donate 10 cents...
They have almost raised $2,000.00 already!!!!
Don't you want to help out?


(It explains it better than I can!)

We wanted to share with you this great campaign that Stonyfield just launched to support the nonprofit Breastcancer.org. The campaign is part of an ongoing partnership between Breastcancer.org and Stonyfield. Earlier this year, Breastcancer.org launched its Organic Living section, which is part of the organization’s global Think Pink, Live Green initiative. The goal of Organic Living is to help people understand how the outside environment affects breast health through the chemicals in food, beverages, medications, and other products they use. Stonyfield sponsored the development of this new section, which provides invaluable information and advice on adopting an organic lifestyle, including steps you can take today to lower your breast cancer risk tomorrow.

You can help by going to www.click4breastcancer.org where you can read, listen to, and watch the stories of those affected by breast cancer. We encourage you to “like” and share these stories with others through your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and email. Each action generates a “click" and every time you perform one - such as "liking" or commenting on a story, sharing your own story, adding to the word cloud by clicking "for" someone, sending an email, or tweeting - Stonyfield donates $.10 to Breastcancer.org. It's that easy. You don't have to submit any personal information, make a donation, or anything like that. Just click and we'll do the rest.

Come on everyone - let's get clicking for a great cause!!



Just head on over and click...

***** This was not asked for me to post this, I just wanted to share...
If even one more person clicks, think of the donations!!!! *****

Will you head over and click now?


  1. Thanks for stopping by Girlfriend! I clicked for My Mom. She had breast cancer back in 1961, and had one breast removed, but they got it all & she lived until she was 84 (she was 39 at the time).


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