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As you know, I love books and I hope that I pass the love to Broxton.
So far, so good!
It always makes me smile when he runs in with his books and crawls up in my lap:
"Story Time Mommy!"
We read and look at the pictures of all the different books.

The latest to add to our library?
Blooming Buddies.
It is such a cute book and although I feel like girls might like it more (as it is about flowers) Broxton loves looking at flowers, noticing the different colors, smells and shapes.
So, I knew this would be one he would enjoy.

The book is full of beautifully illustrated flowers.
On one page, a colorful drawing, on the other... a simple verse.
One that I particularly enjoyed:
"Let's go into the garden
Put a smile on your face
We'll get to know each other
It's a Blooming Buddies place"

I know for us, we always smile when we see beautiful flowers and this book is filled with them.
I also feel as though the book is filled with love, as I read it, I could literally feel the love coming out of the book, into my heart and being passed to Broxton.

The beautiful illustrations only make me want to get out and go discover more of the awesome flowers out there that we haven't discovered yet!!!!

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