#HolidayGiftGuide - Opening the Gates of the Heart

I was given the chance to review a book, "Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing" by Carolyn CJ Jones.

Let me start by saying: the photo's in here are amazing!
Absolutely beautiful!
To the point that it lit that fire back in me and has me really wanting to get out exploring to take photographs again! (It is just a bit hard at times to do with a very inquisitive toddler.)
As you can imagine based on the title, they are all different shots of gates.

The quotes that go along with the photo's are beautiful and really touch the heart.
One of my favorites:
" Key of Willingness:
All it takes is willingness to unlock
whatever lies inside,
to turn the know and open the gate...
All it takes is a shiny opening,
the size of a keyhole."

The photo on the opposite page is an old door knob with one of the old fashioned key holes.
I was drawn by the quote, but the photo was the finishing touch!

I really enjoy the photos and how you get a beautiful quote on one page, accompanied by a photo on the opposite page. You would think the photographs would become redundant, but the way Carolyn has done it, she puts the focus on a certain area. If the verse talks about a "ray of hope" you can bet that the photo is going to incorporate a ray of sunshine into it!
I love it!!!!
The photo's are not only beautiful interpretations, but the print quality is outstanding!

I think that this would be a great gift for anyone.
I mean, honestly, can't we all use a bit of hope from time to time!

From her site:

Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing is a tribute to the resiliency and beauty of the human spirit. It will captivate you, and bring you tears of sadness and tears of joy.

Opening the Gates of the Heart leads to self-love and love of others, while reflecting a spiritual and emotional healing journey. Read in its entirety, it presents a pathway to peace. Read one at a time, each verse provides a starting point for a daily meditation or reflection. This makes the book an excellent gift and/or coffee table book.

Composed of a series of topics to describe a journey, each topic shares a title, a photograph of a wrought-iron gate, and an inspirational verse. As you absorb each triplet, you will be transported into a safe and tranquil garden of serenity. After one or two triplets, you can put the book down and go about your day with a lighter, more peaceful heart.

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