Honest Kids Juice - Honestly Good!

Broxton loves juice...
But, I do not normally give him just juice..
I normally mix in over half water to it...
Always have and he doesn't mind...

So, when I opened the box with the Honest Kids juice Pouches, he was super excited!
He normally doesn't drink the pouches!!!!
We put them in the fridge and once they were cooled, he asked me if he could have the Grape one.
I put the straw in and we both tasted it.
That was his word, not mine!
No, I enjoyed it too, but it was just cute seeing him standing there enjoying it!
He did not really care for the Tropical Tango Punch...
We both enjoyed the Super Fruit Punch and we are waiting to enjoy the Berry Berry Good Lemonade.
We will be enjoying that one soon!
I do want to get one of the Appley Ever After to try, so that is next on our list.
You may wonder why I let him drink this, but not the others...
Simply put:
They offer less than half of the sugar found in other pouch drinks.
They also taste great... Like JUICE without all that other ADDED stuff!!!!

So, while we are all "tailgating" this football season...
Remember to pack a few juices to make the younger ones happy!
It doesn't always have to be "bad" for you!!!!
Also great for roadtrips!!!!

Click HERE to see where you can purchase near you.

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