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We want Broxton to have a knowledge not just of what is around us, but as the world as a whole.
Given that Marc was deployed to Afghanistan the first year of Broxton's life, I thought it would be interesting for us to read " I See the Sun in Afghanistan" first.

There is a series of books out, by Dedie King and Judith Inglese that is called " I See the Sun."
They have Afghanistan, China and Nepal. I really hope they expand to other area's as this is a great idea.
Each book is from the eyes of a child, so you get to see how they see it, with it also not being to "over their head" with everything going on.

I thought it was really neat how they incorporate the writing of that particular country.
(Example, I See the Sun in Afghanistan is written in English, but also in Arabic.)
Another great thing that sets these books apart?
They use several ways to illustrate the pages...
They not only use drawings, they also use cut-outs and even photography!
It is a collage of sorts with the end result being something you don't see that often in children's books.

I was a bit curious as to how this would be handled with the current war going on.
They did address it... saying their cousins were coming to live with them, as they lost their house in the war.
I was a bit confused though.... You hear that the people of Afghanistan pray several times throughout the day, but the only reference of prayer is when they are getting ready to eat dinner.
Overall, it was showing that although they are no where near here, they still do similar things...
Help the family, go to school and in the end, family is always there for you, no matter what!

I can not wait to see more books in this series!
If you want to expand the knowledge of other countries with your child, I would recommend getting the different " I See the Sun" books to share with them!

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  1. Wow! This sounds like a really wonderful series! I want JDaniel to know about places in the world too.


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