Around Kids? You Need The Kid Dictionary!

If you are one that loves to laugh, (and who doesn't?)  You will find yourself cracking up when flipping through The Kid Dictionary by Eric Ruhalter.
Photo Credit: The Kid Dictionary
We were sent a copy for review and I admit it, I was literally laughing out loud at some of his words..  
You see, Eric took situations that those around kids are all way to familiar with and made up words to go with them.  
The first word in the "dictionary" is FEELABUSTER.  Definition:  To pat down your toddler before she leaves a play date at someone else'e house to make sure she isn't stealing any toys.  
Ha ha... No, we have not had to deal with that yet... But I can only imagine... That right there was the opening, so I knew it was going to be good...

Has your child ever been "FULLISH?"  I know Broxton has on more than one occasion... 
What is FULLISH?  Oh, it is "too full to eat more carrots, yet fully prepared to consume an ice cream sundae!"  Come on, you know your kids have done that at least once, right?

Soon enough, we will be letting Broxton play sports... and I am sure I will have a "FILTHLETE" as in  " a child who goes out of his way to make sure his sports uniform gets as dirty as possible."  I just feel that in my bones that he will be that kid!  

As you can see, it is quite entertaining..
I am thinking that this would be a great pick me up gift to a friend...
It would also be a great gift idea for a friend expecting... be it the mom or the dad... 
It would also make a great "CONGRATS" gift to a friend that just got a job in a nursery or preschool!
I loved reading it and have picked it up on more than one occasion to get a quick laugh..
It is a little over 200 pages, so I hope that Eric makes another book soon!

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