What TV Show is This? Answers!!!!

If you stopped over for my Wordless Wednesday Post last Wednesday, you saw these pictures...
Today, I wanted to answer where you might know the scenes...

Up first:   This was the abandoned house that Daryl goes to looking for Sophia.
Remember the Cherokee Rose in the back yard?

This is the campsite for the finale.
Remember Rick says "this is no longer a Democracy."

Ha!  Did you guess this?  This is the entrance to the bar where Rick and Glenn find Hershel drinking.
(Later the boys from Nebraska show up... Remember that?)

The back door where Hershel and Glen escape from the bar... 

Now, can you guess this?
This is the pharmacy on the left (where Glen and Maggie got supplies)  and then the "carriage house" on the right is where Randal jumps when he's shooting at them... later getting his leg impaled on the fence. (No, there is no fence there in real life... it was a prop.)

So, how did you do?  Did you guess them?


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