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I admit, I had seen Novica ads on several blogs before, but the idea of all of these products being handmade and from other countries?
There was NO WAY I could afford that... 
Then, I actually had the chance to work with them and I am glad I did...
There products are great and the best part?


I tell you this, if you are one that wears Sterling Silver Jewelry... 
You will be amazed at all they have to offer... 
There was so many to choose from and I am in love already! 
Especially when I looked at their Silver Pendant Necklaces...   The turtle one was just adorable and I have several friends obsessed with owls!
If you are like my mom and love all different earrings, you can spend the day choosing between which ones you want to settle on.  I had no clue what she would want, but I was thinking that the Amethyst Dangle Earrings would be great ones... what did I finally decide on?  A beautiful silver ring!  

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I did have the chance to get a little gift for myself... (and Marc... heck, for everyone as it sits on our television now!)I had so much fun looking and wishing for everything... to the point that I started making a NOVICA Pinterest wish list page!  lol... 

Photo Credit: NOVICA

Honestly, I am a bit obsessed with all the wooden statuettes like the one I picked.  Ours is called "Indivisible Love"  from Bali & Java.  

Let me share a secret with you... When you start your exploration on Novica's site... You not only learn about the product you are looking at... You also learn where it is made... and more than that, you learn about the artist.  Now... hold on, it gets better... When you purchase from Novica, you then learn even more about the area, as your gift is wrapped in the traditional wrappings of that area... Including a card written in the language of the area... and translated into English!!!
Photo Credit: NVision Photography
Here is the funny part about me... I made it a point to purchase different things from different area's... Hey, I wanted to see the beautiful wrappings!!!!  They are absolutely gorgeous...  The ring that I got my mom? It was from Thailand... so, she of course has to brag about that when showing it off (I gave it to her as a birthday gift!)  She not only brags about where it is from, she then tells them all about the beautiful box it came in... Ha ha... she has even mentioned that she might start carrying the box to show it off as well. To be honest, I almost kept the box for myself and just handed her the ring, glad I didn't as she has it sitting on her dresser as display!   Yes, I took a picture of it for you:

Photo Credit: NVision Photography
For those of you with kids... or that are child like at heart... 
Broxton has decided that he is crazed over finger puppets... Not sure how or why... but as soon as he saw them on the site, he wanted to get some... so, we ordered him the hand knit set from the Andes... it comes with 5 animals... and he has played with them like you just would not believe.. from making stories.. to using them as a microphone... ha ha.. he is creative :)
Photo Credit: NOVICA

If you are looking for great mothers day ideas... head on over now...   Not to mention great gift idea's in general...   (They will tell you if you order by such and such, it will ship by such and such to help you with your gift giving times!)

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