Caillou's Outdoor Adventures on DVD

As we all know, Broxton is a big Caillou fan.. 
We love watching Caillou... Playing with our Caillou Doll... 
Looking at Caillou online... and of course singing the Caillou song..

I was so excited to get the newest Caillou DVD for us to add to our library.

We watch all the time, but there are times when Broxton just really needs to see his "brother" and come on, they just don't play Caillou 24/7... Although I am sure Broxton would love that!

The latest DVD is Caillou's Outdoor Adventure.

There are several great episodes on there and one of my favorites is the one where Grandma sets up all sorts of activities for Caillou and his friends to compete in the backyard for different ribbons.  Why is this one of my favorites?  Well, Clementine comes over and has on a ribbon that she just won and then Leo starts talking about how he won a ribbon before too.... Caillou was upset that he had no ribbon to talk about.. Instead of Grandma just giving him a ribbon, she sets up fun events for the kids (Rosie and Gilbert get in on the action too!) to try and win ribbons.. At one point, Caillou is upset and his mom talks to him.. Then, he realizes it is about having fun, not always winning.  I love the Caillou episodes because it shows how creative little kids can be... Caillou has a very creative imagination and I love seeing it portrayed in each episode!

This DVD has 12 episodes, some of which include:
Caillou the Sports Star: Caillou imagines he's an Olympic Athlete and tries his best to win ribbons for the fun and silly games that Grandma has created.

Caillou Outdoors: Caillou and Mommy make a scarecrow to keep the birds from eating the seeds in their newly planted garden.
Springtime for Caillou: Daddy surprises Mommy with a bouquet of roses for Valentines Day.  At playschool, the children make valentines for all their friends and Caillou imagines he's cupid when he is delivering his cards.
Caillou Can Do It: Caillou helps Grandma water her flowers and fill the birdbath.  When Caillou gets thirsty, Grandma shows Caillou how to make fruit juice from scratch.  

This is another great collection of Caillou episodes...  
Head out and grab a copy to add to your collection! 

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