Charlie: A Toy Story {Review}

Broxton and I love to watch movies together...
He always wants popcorn (no matter what time we watch a movie... )  and I always want him to snuggle and watch the movie with me!
We were recently surprised with a new movie in the mail...

Charlie: A Toy Story
It was a cute movie, but I will be the first to admit that the acting needed help.

The basis of the story is that a little boy (Caden) tries to help his dad out with his dream...
While dealing with the bullies/bad guys of the neighborhood.  They are two mean boys that go to school with Caden and they are so technologically centered...  Like many kids out there these days...
Well, Caden and his dog, Charlie have a "home alone" sort of adventure.. where they try and help his dad out, all by themselves.

As I said, it was a cute movie, but it is more for younger kids that will not let the acting have any major impact on their views of the movie.  We enjoyed it.   I think the kids will get into the scenes where Caden and Charlie try to keep the bad guys away...
More than anything, I loved that this movie reminds kids to be kids... that they do not need to always be "plugged in" to have fun!!!!

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