It All Started with a Turtle - #LemonadeDay

One of the reason's I love books is because I get to escape to another place and explore the world through the characters in the book...  The other reason I love books is because it is always so educational and you can learn so much through reading...
I love turtles and frogs (not the real ones,we don't have pets...) but the cute illustrated ones and the beautifully photographed ones...
Anyways, we were sent the book It All Started with a Turtle and I knew from that cute turtle on the cover, I was going to like it.
This book is such a great book to teach!!!

Long story short, the main character of the book asks her dad for a pet turtle and he tells her no.
(As he tells her no, that she has enough pets... we see that she literally has all sorts of pets and is really not in a need for a turtle, unless she is going to open a zoo or something... )
Instead of pouting and acting rude, she thinks of a plan and the next morning gets the ball rolling to have a lemonade stand..
She isn't having much luck... so dad teaches her a few things about running a business.
After the lemonade sales are finished for the day, dad teaches her even more...
To the point where dad goes further than just teaching her... he teaches the community... and in turn, we now have Lemonade Day...
Really, this is a movement... There really is Lemonade Day now, thanks to this book.  Read more about Lemonade Day to get involved!
I think that this is a great book for kids of all ages... It really does help with forming a plan to reach a goal!  

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