Let's Go to The Museum @abramsbooks {Review}

Working on building a library for Broxton is such a fun thing for me.
I love how books will allow you to explore.  Travel.  Imagine.  Dream.
If you are sick, its raining, its cold, its to hot, its Saturday, its Tuesday ... No matter the reason, you can always go on an adventure through a book.
We had the excitement of going to THE MUSEUM a couple times lately.
Not just any museum, but through the book, The Museum from Abrams Books.

We actually had a museum in the bathtub!!!!  That is right, I read it to Broxton while he had a bath!!! What fun that was!!!!

The Museum is a great book that I loved to explore with him.
It opens with a girl going to a museum and all of the exhibits she sees.
From paintings and drawings to sculptures and more..
She even takes a moment to "think" and we see Rodin's famous work!
Broxton and I even had a minute to do "The Scream" as the girl in the museum passed by Munch's piece and she stopped to do the expression too!
As much as I love art.. and we loved looking at this book together...
I loved when she came to an empty canvas hung up.

It is at that point that Broxton and I talked about how many things can be done with a blank canvas...
We talked about how he could draw, write, paint, color... the opportunities are endless.
You just have to use your imagination!  It was so cute to hear him repeat it back to me!!!
We enjoyed reading this book, not only for the fun of the artwork...
But the rhyming in here lets me know that it is one that Broxton is going to learn to love to read aloud!

If you are a fan of the arts... Or if you are just looking for a great new book...
I highly recommend adding The Museum to your collection!!!!
(You don't even have to be "young" to enjoy this...   )

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