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Is it wrong to admit to everyone that I was totally jamming to the cd that was sent for review for Broxton? I know... I am just a kid at heart, so it was okay... but I tell you ... 
I LOVE IT!!!! American Playground is just the upbeat and "patriotic/ americana" music that we need to hear more of these days!!!
I put the cd in and immediately was singing right along... at the top of my lungs...
American Idol auditions?  No... they weren't... but I was having a great time... So that was all that mattered... Well, that and the fact that Broxton was smiling and laughing, so it was fun! 
Out of all of the songs, I loved Keep On the Sunny Side by Elizabeth Mitchell.  Her voice is amazing!!!!   If you want to listen before you purchase, just head on over to the link above and you can sample a tune or two!  

Kicking off the sing-along fun is the traditional “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain,” from Seattle-based roots artist Johnny Bregar, recorded especially for this album. Texas-based country-Western artist Aaron Watson (with Elizabeth McQueen) delivers a super sunny version of the classic “Blue Skies.” Other featured artists are some of the top names in family music: Dan Zanes (with Barbara Brousal) performs the bluegrassy folk tune “Saro Jane,” Elizabeth Mitchell sings “Keep on the Sunny Side,” Buck Howdy delivers a cowboy-style “You Are My Sunshine,” Victor Johnson  extols “This Little Light of Mine,” Randy Kaplan covers Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”(originally written for his own child), and Phil Rosenthal and his band invite everyone to sing along with Woody Guthrie’s classic “This Land Is Your Land.” Kids and parents alike will also enjoy singing along with tunes like “Oh Susannah” (Diane Taraz) and “We All Need More Kindness in This World” (Guy Davis), an example of an original song that is sure to be an immediate family favorite for its singable, positive refrain.
American Playground  includes 20 pages of colorful liner notes, including charming  photos of children at play, historical kid-friendly information about the songs that enhance the great American story, plus  details about each featured artist.

Track listing
1. Johnny Bregar – “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain”
2. Aaron Watson feat. Elizabeth McQueen – “Blue Skies”
3. Victor Johnson – “This Little Light of Mine”
4. Guy Davis – “We All Need More Kindness in This World”
5. Elizabeth Mitchell – “Keep On the Sunny Side”
6.  Dan Zanes with Barbara Brousal – “Saro Jane”
7.  Diane Taraz – “Oh Susannah”
8.  Randy Kaplan – “Forever Young”
9.  Buck Howdy – “You Are My Sunshine”
10. Phil Rosenthal – “This Land is Your Land”


  1. I love that the songs are classics we grew up with. :)

  2. How fun! I have a few of their CDs.

  3. That's a nice upbeat collection of tunes, and you're so cute how much you love it!


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