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Talk about a cute book!
What Is Part This, Part That by Harriet Ziefert is so much more than just a book!
This book is colorfully illustrated and the text is amazing!!!
When you open the cover ... before the book even starts.. you know you are in for a treat!!!
"Just like dancing is part step and part swing, When you put parts together you get a new thing!
Put on your thinking cap.  Use all of your smarts!  Follow along and imagine both of the parts!"

I absolutely loved the creativity in this book...
As you turn the pages you have the rhyming of each line.. but it also provokes thought ....
What is  "PART push or PART pull?"  SWING :)
I know it tells you, but it was fun to read with Broxton so that we could play the guessing game together...
If you are looking for a FUN book to read ... (this is targeted for ages- 4-8 years old)  then look at this a bit... It really is cute... and much different from any books I have read with Broxton before!
I plan on sending this in to share with his class once school starts.
(I am telling you.. CUTE!)
Head on over to Blue Apple Books and see what grabs your attention... This book is from their Preschool selection...    They have so many books I seem to be falling in love with!!!!
I am already eyeing the Travels With Charlie series!!!


  1. I love your description of the book and I've put it on our book list to take a look at the next time we're perusing the bookstore at the mall. :)

  2. I've been reading to Isaak during the hour that Mica's in Jujitsu. Isaak has never been the reader that Mica is. I'm hoping that changes.

  3. Ahh library listed I hope!
    I love a new book for the kids!


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