August 20, 2013 Full Of Digital Download Releases

Having worked with this PR Company in the past, I was excited to share this with you!  I was not compensated for sharing this with you.  

These are all available On Digital Download or Video on Demand Only.  

Pingu Learns A Lesson - 
Available Digital Download and Video on Demand August 20, 2013  

See everyone’s favorite little penguin - Pingu - in these 12 hilarious fun-filled adventures! Watch as Pingu and his friends learn some chilly and important lessons while away on their class trip, and when Pingu pretends to be sick to avoid school, the doctor knows just the cure to send him on his way. See what happens when a simple penguin prank backfires and when Pingu has a day off and must choose between playing outside and helping his mother. All of these and many more fun and important tales in Pingu® Learns A Lesson.

Episodes Include:

·        “Pingu on the School Trip”
·        “Pingu and the Stranger”
·        “Pingu's Museum Visit”
·        “Pingu Pretends to Be Ill
·        “Pingu the Painter”
·        “Pingu's Prank”
·        “Pingu and the Paper Aeroplane”
·        “Pingu Seeks Revenge”
·        “Pingu and the Toy”
·        “Pingu Draws a Winner”
·        “Pingu Steals”
·        “Pingu Has a Day Off”

Fireman Sam - Super Saves 
Available Digital Download and Video on Demand August 20, 2013

Whether trouble arises on land, sea or air, Fireman Sam is ready to face any challenge with bravery, skill and speed! There are some tall jobs when the squad must rescue Sarah from a treetop, Jupiter from under a bridge and Moose from the side of the lighthouse! Things aren’t any easier on the water when Sam and Neptune find themselves rescuing Charlie and the kids from a school of fish! Get ready for some four-alarm fun and excitement with Fireman Sam and his brave crew!

Episodes include:
·        “Boyce Will Be Boyce”
·        “Charlie's Big Catch”
·        “Lighthouse Lock Out”
·        “Girls’ Night In”
·        “Wheel of Fire”
·        “Sky Lanterns”

Bob the Builder- Hammer Time 
Available Digital Download and Video on Demand August 20, 2013 

It’s HAMMER TIME with Bob and the Can-Do Crew! Benny feels left out but soon learns that sometimes it takes a small digger to do a big job! Lofty is nervous about his turn at the campfire sing along until he learns that singing, like building, takes teamwork! While building an observation tower, the team uses creativity to help Roley reach new heights. Bob and Wendy find the perfect owner to rock out in the newly restored houseboat and much, much more. There are lots of jobs to do so grab your hard hat and join the crew!

Episodes include:
·        “Benny's Important Job”
·        “Lofty the Star”
·        “Sir Muck”
·        “Roley's Bird's Eye View”
·        “Wendy's Houseboat”
·        “Spud the Woodsman”
·          “Bob’s Beach Hut”


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